The Madness Beats on


Being a creative, one of our greatest challenges is to be relevant, cutting edge and consistent. Coming up with new content that meets the appetites of an ever growing society is a sobering undertaking. If that isn’t challenging enough, imagine trying to do it on your own.

Luckily for me, I have a friend, Josh Prinsloo aka FruitVendor, who has been honing this skill since his days in university decides to give me a call. He had an idea, with the right impetus could become something big.


He in the beginning of this year, inviting me to a creative challenge that will stretch my resolve and test my stamina. It’s a weekly challenge that requires you to submit a 2minute musical piece and post it in a group for critique and ideas. I was  “like ok. I’m looking forward to a challenge”. I saw the opportunity to grow creatively and stretch my creative stamina.  Up until now I’ve been doing so much work for other. Released and produced albums and performed live all over the country. This seemed like a good fit.


We the proceeded to invite other creatives across the genre and skill set spectrum to the challenge, not knowing what we were about to embark on. She old wisdom says, the more people involved the more organization is required. So Josh and I me up to flesh things out.

  A side note: Josh and I (and many of the creatives we work with) have a heart to grow hone not only their own craft, but also others.

We saw an opportunity to awaken creative potential, inspire people through the quality of work , push boundaries and establish a creative community that’s not afraid to create. Also to show that music is a “Real Real Job”.


12 weeks, 10 creatives, 120 creations  and a community now alive. We are Monday Beat Madness.  

The IDEA, became a DREAM is now a REALITY. 

This is not just a story about creatives. We all love music and we want you to be part of it in some way. If you want to be part of  our journey Well… you can! Click on the link, like the page. Listen to the music, like it, share it, leave your mark.

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