What’s All the Fuss About?

You may be asking why “CreaFluence” and who in the in right mind would come up with such a silly name? Well… that person is me, Jason Skippers, Director and founder of “CreaFluence“. I started this company to help bring all my collaborative business ventures to one place. I am a freelance musician, producer, creative, dean of a School of worship and co run a ministry aimed at releasing songwriters and worshipers into the world. I have played music around the world with many artists, taken the stage in productions, worked on many different genres of music, each with its own sets of outcomes. some were closet singers others wanted to travel the world. Some  had a desire to impact nations whilst others were happy to have their creative works on their dinning room shelf’s.

Having all this experience and somewhat stretched in many directions i thought to bring everything to one place and start focusing on what i really like doing most. Impacting and influencing through creativity. A “one stop shop” of all the creative collaborations with the aim of influencing society. telling stories of hope and of an enjoyable future.

the other passion of mine is awakening creatives to economic potential, in other words “the arts can make  money“. it take guts, determination and willingness to just do it. My hope is that through collaboration, we will be able to inspire and provide ways in which creatives can be economically viable. I know its a tall task but someone has to do it. it might as well start with me.

So keep your eyes out for Creafluence” oh yes the name… it is a merging of two ideas “creativity’ and “influence” so all the creative works and collaborations seek to influence and create influence, “leave a mark” if you will.

What’s all the fuss about? Now you know



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