Sleep is not His MO

IMG_1143“…He neither slumbers nor sleeps” Ps 121:4

This scripture rung so true to me this past Sunday Evening.

 The Incident

Sunday evening 11:35pm, 3 men attempted to hijack me on De Le Rey road. i was innocently driving on my way home, when a black avanza attempted to push me off the road. I braked, swerved into the other lane in an attempt to get away. they then proceeded to swerve in front of me, completely blocking me off. 3 men then proceeded to exit the vehicle, the driver with a brick in his hand, hurled the brick and my windscreen (my head). at that moment i slammed my car into reverse and put my foot flat on the accelerator and got away. because of how they were positioned they couldn’t turn around and chase me.

I drove another route home and made it there safely. A funny thing was that during the moment of the attack I was completely calm and instinct kicked in and i just gor away. not an ounce of panic or worry, i just wanted to get out of there.

 The Battle

I struggled to sleep that night, body filled with adrenaline and the round “what if’s” began. What if this happened, what if that happened, all the possible scenarios played through my head keeping me out of sleep. Around 3am i finally fell asleep. The only thing that finally got me to sleep was being worn out from thinking and the repeated declaration “He neither slumber nor sleeps”. My rhetoric was thank you Jesus, you never slumber nor sleep. My God neither slumbers nor sleeps, but is always involved in my life. He kept me safe, he guided me and gave me a testimony of His goodness.


The Shift

Although the incident was over, but in the days to follow the battle waged on. A renewing of my mind and a relinquishing of control is what I’ve had to go through. Resting in God, placing my thoughts in Him and moving forward. Otherwise it’s not only a car that i almost lost, but a life that could be lost in the process.

It’s been tiring emotionally, physically in some ways. The mind is such a beautiful thing to waste, how much more a life? I’ve had to silence the cycle or “What if’s”, celebrate the fact that God has kept me and shift my heart to living for Him. Oh and get more sleep. I have had some people say “you must be more vigilant when you drive”, “you should drive around late” or “you should drive a different route home”. I know they mean well, but I say NO! I cannot live in fear or hold back on living a full life. These things can happen anywhere and at anytime.

The shift in my mind is that I know that

“should whatever the enemy has planned for me, my God can and will turn for my good and His glory”.

I will not live recklessly, but I will go where He sends me and live a life aware that He is with me and i should not fear.  

I would never wish any traumatic experience on anyone, much less one like mine. But what this has taught me is that My God neither slumbers nor sleeps, but He watches over me. If He’s done it for me, He is definitely doing it for you.

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