The end of one thing is the start of something new…

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We’ve come to the end of a period of adventure, challenge and absolute creativity. Monday Beat Madness, 12 Weeks, 12, 10 creative, 12 creative submissions. We embarked on this journey with an “unknown”. An unknown understanding of whether we could do it or not or whether it would yield the fruits it did. We set out to create creative assess, creative stamina and creative collaboration and we achieved this and then some.

The Epiphany

I found this journey particularly challenging in the areas of balance and creative authenticity. I am a producer, engineer, musician, so music and creativity is part of my life. creating something outside of that was the challenge. I needed to keep it fresh and push myself beyond conventional. Take the time to expand and express my creativity and imagination. I’ve always been doing work for others, but this time it was for me, for others to enjoy and critique.

What happened?

Critique is part of life, it shows you what your work means to others an how they perceive it. You have an idea in your head and have a particular way you want to communicate that idea. You cross your fingers and let it out into the world. Unnerving, scared and liberating, this was my moment was my moment when things shifted. Whether it was incomplete, a little shy on time spent on it or adopting the way experimenting, I let it loose.

What next?

Now that i’ve found freedom to release creative works without fear or prejudiced i also found something else. i found a creative community. a community that also uses the envelope and loves to create. Together we pushed each other and inspired each other.

Well my Mondays are slightly more free now, but i intend to continue host this discipline. Maybe do it by weekly or monthly, who knows? All I know is that this legacy will continue and I would like to share it with you.

Here’s a link to  my MBM showreel:


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