Classical encounter 

What an encounter I had last Saturday evening.

I had the privilege of being part of the musical entertainment for the gala dinner and awards ceremony held at Vel De Wie estate, one of my highlight performances. A 10 piece string section, drums and vocal. We took spin in the classic classical pieces and some South African greats all arranged by my friend and company CEO Karien De Waal. 

She is a prolific songwriter, arranger, music director, composer and consummate creative. She owns a company called “Wedding Song“. She has scored music for movies and stage productions and had the privilege of performing some of the music that night. 

My highlight for the evening was seeing how music transcends colour, creed, social class and even hungry stomachs. From the social glitterati to the average Joe (in the room ofcos) many stopped an partook of what we were offering as if it was part of the course).

If you don’t believe me, do yourself a favour. Click on the link and enjoy the experience

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