An apple day keeps the blues away. My experience Llamaland music festival

Last Saturday i had the privilege of sharing the fruit at the Llamaland music festival in Pringle bay. I must admit it was my first engagement with a festival of such kind. it was free spirited, open and filled with the misfits, oddballs and fringe (me included). The theme centered around the misfit, creatives fringe people who want to have a good time with some good music.  oh and not least the festival was for a good cause, to raise money for the EYETHU Hout Bay Skate Park project.

I arrived midday Saturday to Giant Jenga blocks, badminton court, hula hoops and face painting. I immediately thought, “ok some fun things can happen here”. I immediately followed my instincts and went for the food trucks, indulged in a beautiful pulled pork wrap and later a breakfast Jaffel as well as a nutella jaffel.  They need separate mention because they were both soooooo goooood. lost my mind. Ok enough let me fast forward to our performance.

We took the stage, lit it up with our jazz-funk sound and got the people to abandon the tents and quiet conversation to come and sing with us. From hits like “Real Job”, “Giants” and some new tunes “Coverboy”, “Oliver Twist” yet to be released. Josh took the act further by tossing fruit he brought along into the crowd. I mean the only way to get people to eat healthy lol. It is such a surreal feeling to hear to see/hear people sing your songs back to you. They could’ve all joined us on the stage and performed with us. It was no longer a festival it felt like family.

Well if you think i have a hint of exaggeration here is a link Llamaland Music Festival to another blog article highlighting the festival (Oh we get a mention)

Our next focus is Battle of the Bands happening next month, just to see how far we can spread the fruit. look out for more info on that

One thought on “An apple day keeps the blues away. My experience Llamaland music festival

  1. That looks fun. Most of my life I have lived a fairly tradional southern united states life. My children now grown I have reinvented or perhaps returned to the roots of me. I attended my first festival last year in Alabama and did a spoken word song with some friends. I still live between worlds due to mortgage and bills and my work andsuch. But I think I would like to spend some months diing festival type things one day. I am glad to have met you.


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