Meet the team

Here at Creafluence we have the privilege to collaborate with some exciting innovative businesses in and amongst the city. We over the next couple of weeks you will get insight into who they are, what work they do and how this crazy collaboration works.

Meet Greenappleman05

What better way than to start with where it all started. Greenappleman05 is me. I am a producer, recording engineer, freelance drummer and all around creative. It all started with being introduced to music by my father (guitarist) music has been in my family home forever. my first encounter was playing on my mom’s pots and pans. I progressed to a broken down drum kit, using to chairs stacked on top of one another as hihats. Fast forward a few years I started playing in church and later progressed to pro drumming after high school. I have the privileged of playing with some of SA’s top artist, Judith Sephuma, Elvis Blue, Rouchelle Liedeman and many more. I am a session drummer so at any given time I have to switch genre’s many times over in one day. Talk about Latino Rock. Only kidding, well it could be a cool genre.

 As a producer I started dabbling in the art form on the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Reason 4. I loved it. For the first time I could release the ideas and pictures I had in my head into sound form. I could now share it with the world. I quickly found out that I have a bend for sound tracks and film scores, a liking for the dramatic and story telling. I was able to apply my skill set in organisations such as Sounds of The Nations Cape Town and The Stellar Effect(which I will cover in more detail later). This stretched me as I forced to juggle was many different genres at the same time, tight deadlines as well as interesting characters to deal with.

Fast forward to 2017 Jabula was birthed. Germaine Leonard (my good friend) approached me with the audacious task of completing a n EP in 2 weeks. 4 songs from conceptualization to mastered product in 2 weeks. This was one of my first projects done outside of the collaborative entities. Late nights and many fights produced a Jazz-House masterpiece. He wanted to push the envelope and pioneer a new sound (which I’m in the business of going after) and midst marriage proposal to my now fiance, we completed an EP. Jabula which means “rejoice”, “dance” is now available on Itunes, Google play and several other online platforms. (Shameless plug over)

Because of my love for collaboration and working in a community, I started a creative initiative with a buddy of mine Josh Prinsloo aka Fruit Vendor called Monday Beat Madness. A 12 week beat making challenge that requires each participant to make a 2 min beat of varing genres and release it to the public for their critique and comment.

Trying to manage all the different aspects of what I do has been a bit of a challenge, but one I love doing. If not beat making, composition. producing and drumming the schedule can become erratic, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love what I do.

 So ladies and gentlemen meet the first member of the team, Greenappleman05





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