Meet the Team Pt2

 Sounds of the Nations

Other than Greenappleman05, Sounds of the Nations Cape Town or SOTNCT (as it’s better known) has been a large part of my journey as a creative. I have been part of the organization since it’s inception and still we pioneer today.

Just a quick back story, I had just quit my job in the non-profit sector and began to pursue what I wanted to do with my life. My creative paradigm is Bono and U2. Their music has brought them to place whereby they can shift nations, sit in front of heads of states and impact legislation. If ever i had a reason to make music or be creative, this was one. My greatest yearning is that creative endeavors needed to make a difference.

I served in the youth ministry and music ministry in my local church. I thought what better way too do something meaningful than pouring my life into something and it not be a desk job. The then head of the music ministry Tim Feder, was also on a journey of he’s own. Wanting to take the worship of the church to a new level by recording and writing our own songs again. He came into contact with the organization Sounds of the Nations, a US based ministry with bases all around the world.  This then set him on a path, which resulted Sounds of the Nations Cape Town.

The finer details of this journey are too much for one blog post, rather wait for the movie hehehe. If you are wondering what SOTN is, it is a global worship ministry, which focuses on releasing the worship of nations. Indigenous, local and global worship, equips songwriters and musicians, through schools, conferences and studio recordings.

NOW back to us, Picture this one the one hand, a man searching to take a group of people and their sound to a higher level and on the other hand a young man searching for something with impact (musical) to pour his life into. We started the studio with the aim of recording our church’s worship. We were in a renovated industrial fridge container, Tanoy Speakers, Protools 8 and one condenser mic. We had access to the church’s gear so tracking drums and big productions wasn’t a problem, but we had passion, and tons of hair brain ideas on how to capture sound. We kept our goal in mind, we need to record our sound.

 Our very first album was a Hip Hop album by my friend Recruit called “The Sign up”. This got our blood pumping, but we wanted to try and acoustic album, so in walks Jenny Lee (then Ah Chong) and Love Perfection was born. Who knew what the next few years would be like, but it was a period to remember. We moved thrice, recorded countless albums, singles and voice overs. Partners came and went and our hunger to see the sound of Africa be released and compete on the world stage grow bigger. Our current adventure is raising funds to build our studio so we can be more effective in what we do. This nomadic journey has come to end for a while, we want to plant roots.

Now i did focus on the studio aspect in this piece, but it’s more than just a studio. SOTNCT is a resource ministry, in other words we create resources to sell so our overhead costs are lower and we can reach a market that could not necessarily afford the high end studio costs. We then impart this knowledge and training in our annual 3 month School of Worship, so we can help develop a collaborative economy. So picture this many churches, people groups, cultures and sounds coming together. training and worshiping together and becoming resource orientated.


So you’re probably wondering how this all fits into the Creafluence ecosystem? Well here at Creafluence we all about collaborative economy, so mixes, master, production, songwriting, training etc can all be done right here.





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