Meet the team Pt3

The Stellar Effect

This is the newest addition to the Creafluence team and one i’m excited to see grow. As our tag line reads “Music that Tells Stories” Carol Joy Williams (my business partner) and I came together because of our love for music, film and working together. She was asked to complete and compose music for short documentary for Raymond Ackerman Academy. She had no desire to work alone and since we have worked together in the past on other projects, we decided to work together on this one. The Project was such a success that we felt we needed to start a business together.  Working together on a more regular basis, combining our resources to tap into a very specific market.

We saw an opportunity in the music production market, in that “library music” can be boring, ineffective, expensive and not tell the story the visuals seem to communicate. this a general “pet peeve” of ours, we committed ourselves to not only compliment the visuals, but allow our music to tell their story. She being classically trained, a session musician, music therapist and a very good copy write. Me being a producer, engineer, creative and lover of films. It was a no brainer.

We thought since we are “newbies” in the industry and passionate about “collaborative economy” we launched our podcast channel. This channel aims to share knowledge, demystify industry challenges as well as give “joe public” insight in to the lives of industry leaders and creatives. From Fruit Vendor the performer, writer, actor to Daleen Ryburn the blogger and world renowned speaker. Red Bull Amapiko participant Alison Harris to Adrian Rogowski the Music lawyer and advocate. Such a diverse group of people with a wealth of knowledge. OH you can check out our podcast now available on Itunes under the name The Stellar Effect Podcast Channel .

Outside of our podcast is our blogs Becoming a wealthy creative. It centers around the real stories and experiences as creatives in South Africa.


This little baby of ours is by no means little, but dynamic and ready to offer bespoke services that will help you tell your stories.








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