Entrepreneurship is not a noun, it is a verb

Entrepreneurship is not a noun it is a verb.

I had the privileged of capturing the stories of some of the RAA (Raymond Ackerman Academy) students. How they started, some from abject poverty, all providing a solution to a problem they saw in their community. Out of all the stories heard that day, this one line expressed by one of the program participants struck me right between the eyes. “Entrepreneurship is not a noun, it is a verb”. Many people like the sound of the word Entrepreneur and love calling themselves one,  but never want to put in the work. Entrepreneurship is about doing, working, finding solutions to problems and making the world a better place for you and the people around you. It centers around DOING.

This has become more apparent since registering my business. It’s been more of a slog than ever before, because I am officially responsible for an entity. It was no longer just freelancing, I am a business entity with a registration number and business account. There are expectations that i place on myself to be creative, build creative assets, connect with my “tribe” and nurture this “baby” into something mature. A fully functioning  entity

I was always aware of this, albeit to a lessor degree, but since I got my PTY LTD, a greater weight lay on me.  Well also more opportunities to dream opened up for me too. I remember engaging with people, prior to registering my company, about what i do. I got the “lack of belief” ah OK. As if being a freelancer is somewhat less than or not a concrete, formalized, structured entity. Now that I am a PTY the conversation is a lot different. The Rational is that if you’re serious enough to register your business then you’re serious enough to do business with.

Having said that i am a business owner and the conversation is now different. I put in the hours and subconsciously live out this quote. As I began to further ponder on this statement i realized that the statement proved true across all spheres of my life. Everything requires and action. Life is worth living(Doing), you go(Doing) to work and you love(Doing) someone. Everything requires and action, everything requires doing. Nothing comes by passivity or idle waiting, but get up and go do. I’ve always held to this idea, title’s are function not name. doing it deserves the name, just because you have the title doesn’t mean you’re doing the job. so if you want the title, do the job.

I left that day inspired after hearing all those stories, knowing that I can do more, be more and live more. I like the verb, nouns just seem pretentious.

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