Hello 20-8Team

As I have come to get into the habit of doing at the end of every year, is to stop, take stock and dream for the year to follow. Projects, ideas and people to work with, new ventures to explore as well as putting some existing ventures on pause (for now at least). It is quite a liberating experience and also helps me navigate the year. I have found that 90% of my plans get accomplished as well as so many others I never thought off gets ticked off.


Anyway. in dreaming about 2018 I felt a strong sense that it will be a year of extreme growth and advancement. This is not only personal but I feel like a team like culture is beginning to form.  2017 was a year of silo living. We needed to be on our own, hone our craft, develop skills, build credibility and just settle who we are. 2018 is the year when we bring our collective “things” to the table (as they say). Our skills, ideas and networks will come together and build a strong economy. this is across the board but even more so in the creative space. it is going to be an exciting year in which South Africa will be on the map. so in true Creafluence style 2018 is changed to 20-8Team. The year of coming together, and going further.


Looking forward to working with you

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