Music Explained..How music exchange is empowering the industry

I had the privilege of attending the RJ Benjamin Masterclass hosted by music exchange this past weekend. One of South Africa’s premier recording artists and creatives took time to share his journey with. The pitfalls, the triumphs and most importantly reminding us to do the basics. Create, protect, release. Create music with reckless abandonment. Equip yourself with technology, take your career into your own hands and create. Protect your music by registering with the relevant copyright organizations. Release your music to the world, especially online as streaming is the future now.


This may be old hat to some, but when the impromptu crowd survey was conducted on how many artist take ownership of their careers? Policing the venues whether they submit the relevant documentation etc. Not many hands went up.

Beyond the reminders and selfie picture takers (Me included) I took time to step back and observe the room. Music exchange under the leadership of Martin Myers have cornered the market on music networking. They managed to not only remind us of the basics, but they drew creatives from all walks of life to come together share knowledge, conversation and most importantly connect. Bringing together the “start ups” and the “been going for a while”, the scared and brave and the bed room creatives and the professional. It’s not so much about the information, because you can get it on the internet, it’s about coming together, breaking down barriers and hindrances and working together. It’s a place to grow and feel safe wherever you lie on the spectrum. I enjoyed seeing old faces and fun creatives.

Do yourself a favour and go check out social media and see what they presenting next and join the community. I’m sure you’ll either be inspired or reminded to work harder.


Music Exchange




Martin Myers will be the guest speaker at Plug and Play hosted by FruitVendor, Quicket and Youngblood Studios. An interactive music business and networking event for all shapes ans sizes.

Date: Thursday

Time: 6pm

Music Exchange

Date: 1-2 September 2018

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