What a year 2018 has been!

This post has been 2 years in the making, and what an exciting 2 years it’s been to say the least. In 2017, which I called “20-SevenDream”, I ticked off many of the items on my bucketlist. This included playing with an orchestra, launching a new business, steady work throughout the year, and, of cause, getting engaged.

2018, or “20-8Team”, has been all about building the team. In 2017, my fellow creatives and I, despite making huge leaps foward in our careers, were too isolated. So, in 2018, we made a choice to bring our skills-set and networks together to build a creative economy.

“The Cinklings”, a name inspired by “the Inklings”, was one result of this giant step. “The Cinklings” is an accountability group for creatives. We met semi-regularly to chat about challenges in all aspects of our lives, but with a particular focus on creativity and career. We held each other accountable to go after our dreams, prayed together, and leveraged our resources in support of each other’s dreams. These gatherings provided support, and broke down the silos we had previously been so comfortable operating in.

Oh..I also got married (WHOOOOOO!). So even on the home front, my team was established.

Before shedding light on my thoughts on 2019, and some of the exciting adventures I have planned, I thought I would share some of the key lessons I learned in 2018.

1. The Power of Team

We are truly better off together. Together we can use our skills, resources, and networks to help each other achieve our goals. It was so fulfilling knowing that I was able to help my friends reach milestones in their lives. Over and above the resources, knowing that you can lean on the team around you provides incredible assurance and confidence. I don’t know how many times I leaned on my brothers in the Fruit Vendor band, and how we rallied together in tough times. I cannot imagine my life without friends and family.

2. Stay in Your Lane

You don’t have to do everything. I’ve learned the power of outsourcing and focusing. Now this is not a justification for the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone or stretching yourself to learn something new. This is about you knowing what you’re good at, what excites you, and just doing that. Leave the other tasks to those that have the capacity and drive to do them.

Being a multi business owner, and these business being in startup phase, I’m well aware of being forced to do everything by yourself and to operate quite lean. You have balance the books, design logo’s on Canva, do website copy and design, and look for clients all at the same time. So I learnt to utilize the power of trade exchanges to give to the designers design work, give to the accountants the books, while I focus on what I do best.

3. Slow is Fast

Take your time to build. Build well and deep, so when the acceleration comes you will stand the test of time. This applies to all of life. My business partner and I spent just over half the year working with a business coach to redefine our business and put things in place so that we can house the dream we have to build a sustainable creative economy. Because we took this time, we can now pitch for new business, and get one step closer to reaching our dream. On a personal level, I had time to slow down and re-look at things in my personal life and character. Things that I could rework, heal, and grow in. I’ve learned that nothing good comes from quick fixes. It’s those well built structures that last the storm. So I’m building slow and deep so that I can last.

4. Never Forget Your Why

It’s always important to always remember why you started in the first place. Life will throw curve balls. There will be financial challenges, which may tempt you into taking a job that you shouldn’t. The opposite is also true. You may even be inundated with work, and tired out of your mind because you’re doing too much. Let your values lead, not the pay check, not the circumstances, and not the opportunity or peer pressure. I think one of the worst things one can ever do is to look back at your life after making decisions and asking yourself, “who am I and how did i get here?”.

Now onto 2019, or as I would like to say it, “20-Thriving”: That which was built will now live”. I believe 2019 is the year in which what was built in 2018 will thrive. I believe 2019 is the year where we will see many new inventions and achievements attained by our peers, especially in the area of creativity and innovation. Don’t be surprised to see South Africa be recognized globally for good things. The World will have their eyes on us, and we will not disappoint.

On a business level, I have a few things I would like to launch in 20-Thriving.

1. Projects

Almost Sunday Album: I have the privilege of recording and producing this amazing worship band’s album. It’s been a long time coming. They released their first single, called “Rejoice”, in 2018. This is a single that I had the privilege of producing. “Rejoice” is available on all major streaming services.


Would you like me to work with you on your project? From concept, production, mixing, and everything in between, e-mail me at jason@creafluencesite.com

Here is a link to some of my projects:


2. Fruit Vendor Band Album Release

Look out on all social media platforms for details https://web.facebook.com/thefruitvendor/

3. Personal Drum Lessons

I have decided to come out of teaching hibernation. If you want to learn basic foundations, groove, and how to sound amazing while having fun, then I’m the guy for you. Contact me at jason@creafluencesite.com for information on packages and rates.

4. New Website

Creafluence will be getting a fresher look in order to provide even more excellent service. Click on the link below to see what to expect.


5. Podcast

Creafluence will be launching its very own podcast called “Creafluence Resource Space”. This will be an in-depth podcast on all things creative. What better way to start, then to kick off with “The Drummers Den”, a podcast series about drummers. I will be showcasing some of South Africa’s up-and-coming drummers, and getting some series pro’s to talk about gear, touring, and life in general.

6. My Album

Finally, a project very close to my heart. My first solo album. Yes, you read correctly. In 2019, I will be releasing a solo album, called “The Collection”. It is a collection of songs and productions that I’ve written and composed over the past 2 years, some as recent as November 2018. I’ve also managed to get some of my super talented friends to feature on the album, so look out for that. HOWEVER, I can’t let you wait till next year to hear something. So I have decided to release 2 tracks this year for you to enjoy. The tracks will be available on all major online streaming platforms in December. See Facebook and Instagram for more details.

From the Creafluence team and myself, Jason Skippers, stay safe this festive season. Happy holidays!

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