What a year 2018 has been!

Now onto 2019 or as i would like to say it, 20THRIVING “That which was built will now live.” I believe it’s the year in which what was built in 2018 will thrive in 2019. I believe it’s the year where we will see many new inventions and achievements attained by our peers especially in the area of creativity and innovation. Don’t be surprised to see South Africa be recognized globally for good things. The World will have their eyes on us and we will not disappoint. … More What a year 2018 has been!

Music Explained..How music exchange is empowering the industry

I had the privilege of attending the RJ Benjamin Masterclass hosted by music exchange this past weekend. One of South Africa’s premier recording artists and creatives took time to share his journey with. The pitfalls, the triumphs and most importantly reminding us to do the basics. Create, protect, release. Create music with reckless abandonment. Equip … More Music Explained..How music exchange is empowering the industry

Hello 20-8Team

As I have come to get into the habit of doing at the end of every year, is to stop, take stock and dream for the year to follow. Projects, ideas and people to work with, new ventures to explore as well as putting some existing ventures on pause (for now at least). It is … More Hello 20-8Team

Meet the team Pt3

The Stellar Effect This is the newest addition to the Creafluence team and one i’m excited to see grow. As our tag line reads “Music that Tells Stories” Carol Joy Williams (my business partner) and I came together because of our love for music, film and working together. She was asked to complete and compose … More Meet the team Pt3

Meet the Team Pt2

 Sounds of the Nations Other than Greenappleman05, Sounds of the Nations Cape Town or SOTNCT (as it’s better known) has been a large part of my journey as a creative. I have been part of the organization since it’s inception and still we pioneer today. Just a quick back story, I had just quit my … More Meet the Team Pt2